Poetic Salt and Light Musings technically began a long time ago when I felt the desire to express myself through poems.  While many of those early poems were not good they were also very secular.  After I became a Christian, the poems themes changed to ones about the overwhelming emotions I experienced as a Christian.  I had never thought about putting them out for others to see.  But then about four months ago I was asked to give a teaching to the youth of our church on the subject of “Salt and Light”.  I prayed and studied and gave the best message I could.  Following that, I could not get the idea of salt and light out of my head.  The concept that we are called to not only be a light but to be sweet or a flavor enhancer.  Then one night about a month ago (as of this writing), God spoke to me about writing down a vision he gave me years ago as a poem.  This eventually became the poem The Man At The Lake.  While writing that poem I was urged to create a place to share the poems that God had given me so that they can bring inspiration, hope and the feeling of the love of God into this world.  And then the site was born.