Welcome Home

Absent of my body and present before God
I could not shake the feeling that I was a fraud
Knowing my life paled next to his measuring rod
I was nothing but shattered and broken and flawed

Immediately my life flashed before my eyes
And all that I could see was my family’s cries
Seeing all the inflicted hurt and pain and lies
Tearing apart my heart as pieces of me dies

One by one and pain by pain the images flash
Realizing things I thought I built turned to ash
Everything I had amassed was a pile of trash
Seeing my life as just one gigantic train crash

Uncontrollably I dropped to my knees and wept
Living a life as far as one can from perfect
Leaving a lot of people’s lives totally wrecked
How could he who sits enthrone ever me accept

Silencing my scared mind with a raise of his hand
Leaving his throne the Lord ran right to where I stand
Wrapping his arms around me he gave a command
Calling for a feast to be prepared that was grand

His arms around me felt welcoming warm and sweet
Feeling a weight drop off I stood light on my feet
Gentle love engulfing me as our eyes did meet
Welcome home my son he did to little me greet

Tears emerged from both my eyes and ran down my face
Releasing the Lord stepped back from our snug embrace
Smiling he said that what I was feeling was grace
Granted the instant in my heart I gave him place

Raising his hand he motioned down a golden street
Frozen I stood mesmerized by shiny concrete
Nigh had I seen something so perfectly complete
Speaking I stated it was so pretty and sweet

Chuckling a loud hearty laugh the lord turned to me
Clutching my hand he said that all that I could see
Was created with one purpose for it to be
That God and I could live in peaceful harmony

– Written from my father-in-law’s perspective after he passed away on July 12, 2018.


Patrick Robert Aquilone (www.patrickaquilone.com) is a Level 48 Human with additional skills in Husbanding (rank 27), Parenting (rank 24), Christianity (rank 25) and Gaming (rank 40). Along the way, he has acquired the achievements of "An Amazing Wife", "Outstanding Children", "Author" (www.PoeticSalt.com), "Game Designer" (www.thepackycompany.com), science fiction blogger (www.TheRedShirtFellowship.com), and "Software Developer". He was born in Denville, a small town in northern New Jersey and has lived in various locations in New Jersey, New York and Texas. He acquired a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and by day works as a mild mannered Software Engineer/developer at a major company. By night, he is a published author (www.poeticsalt.com), the Co-Founder of The Packy Company (www.ThePackyCompany.com), Co-YouTuber of the JaqJaq and PaqPaq show with his son (www.JaqJaqAndPaqPaq.com), christian perspective on science fiction (www.TheRedShirtFellowship.com), and an active member serving in his local church. When he isn't doing any of that, he is following his passion of gathering around a table with a group of family and friends and playing games or enjoying one of his many fandoms (via movies and television) The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5, Marvel, DC (Arrow, Flash, etc), Stargate, and most things SciFi.

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